Since the loss of Rangewood’s mascot Moose last October, there was no replacement that was even considered. Then, the famous last words “let’s just go by the shelter and look…” That is as we all know, just a ruse for what happens next. That was the day in February that we went to the Humane society and found this darling, small, cute puppy. He was two months old and a surrender. His breed is a Beauceron, a French herding and guard dog. 8.8 pounds. So sweet…well needless to say he came home with us a few days later. We were not in agreement as to what should be his name. I suggested Beau, and Steve suggested Bandit. We decided to take it to a neutral party to decide. I was working on a film with Mr. Tom Hanks and the following morning when he came into the trailer, I showed him the photo and asked what his opinion of a name most suited this little fur ball. Tom looked at the photo and said immediately “Bandit, because of the mask!” So here he is, he has mighty big shoes to fill but he is well on his way to making his mark…(and I’m not talking about all the spots in the house!) Bandit is quite a character and has grown to at least 45lbs in the last 3 months. He is with the rest of the Posse out in the field all week and is having a blast exploring and being with the guys. We will keep you up to date on all of his Adventures!


Come and Follow the Adventures and Growth of Rangewood's New Mascot!

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Rangewood Reclaimers has a New Mascot and Posse Member and Here He is!

Meet Bandit! Bandit is our newest Posse member and probably the fastest growing and biggest troublemaker of our Posse. It started with the words “Let’s just go by the Animal Shelter and see the dogs…we won’t get one today but…” Well this is Bandit. When we picked him out that day he was 8 weeks and 8 pounds. Bandit is a Beauceron, a French herding and guard dog. Extremely intelligent (belligerent and too smart for his own good!) Four weeks later Bandit is at least double his size and about 20 pounds! So we shall see just what type of horse we have adopted! Bandit went on his first scouting party to Roswell to see some buildings we have put on the upcoming schedule and seems to be a great hit with everybody! Follow along as we continue his exploits and the Treasures and reclaimed woods we find!




Our life is always moving so quickly that it is sometimes hard to get anything done, enjoy this short time we all have or spend the time with our loved ones without each of us going in opposite directions! We decided on four days and off we went. These scouts are the time where we can connect, find new projects and meet and talk with so many wonderful people across the state of New Mexico. We headed up north and took the time to stop and hang Rangewood Reclaimers Wanted posters where ever we could.

The old buildings and woods that we found are amazing! The dryness of New Mexico works to our advantage in preserving its beauty for us to put to use in our projects for our homes, businesses and art that we can create from these woods.

It is amazing the great structures that are in New Mexico, we made some good contacts and should soon have plenty of wood to add to the warehouse!

Just a hint but…Imagine a 30’x30’ barn from the 1800’s taken down and numbered carefully stored so that it can be reassembled on your property!

The beauty we can find is sometimes overshadowed by the minutia of our daily lives, but we need to remember to find that opportunity to take the time to enjoy your friends and family as often as is possible. This life is too short, savor their love, friendship and the beauty of our past that is visible.



2019 is Here! As many of us are saying, “Where did 2018 go?” The years seem to fly by faster and faster. So many things we weren’t able to do or finish or even start! People we tried to stay in touch with..”next week we will get together…or we will talk” and it never happens. And people we have lost and that chance to stay in touch is forever gone.

But the great part of the New Year is the New Adventures we can have and places we can go to are now open to us! All the fresh opportunities that are now laid in front of us to grab onto and run with!!

According to Pop Sugar the global media and technology company and Sweeten the free service that matches renovators with general contractors the Hottest home decor trends are out and one of the biggest is: Reclaimed and Sustainable Materials to be used in your home. Whether it is the use of reclaimed beams and barn woods to use as mantels, walls, ceilings or reclaimed hardwood flooring. Using old doors as headboards, galvanized tins as walls, ceilings etc.

The possibilities are endless!!!

We have moved the snow and freshened up the warehouse to let you see and plan all the endless possibilities we have available for you to use! Give us a call so you can come by and visit!



It is that time of year where we all look back and wonder where 2018 has gone. I am sure it has had its good, bad, stressful and successful days. But we all have so much to be thankful for….besides a big turkey and a plate full of mash potatoes and gravy! In this time of entitlement, selfishness and sometimes self centeredness we need to realize that so many of our environmental problems we can help ease in many ways. Have you thought of using beautiful Old Growth Woods with a history that can never be equaled in “new” woods. What a statement to our friends and acquaintances the ability to utilize beautiful, unique and unusual Woods! Call us and come see what can make a statement in your home! We are so thankful for our customers who believe in the beautiful woods in our collections to make your home with an Amazing uniqueness.

Give us a call so you can come to our warehouse and find the historic woods that can become a part of your life..