Discover the timeless and classic appearance of vintage wood.


Rangewood Reclaimers specializes in locating, selling and recovering exceptional products made out of salvaged, recycled materials. We are vintage and antique wood brokers, providing historic old reclaimed wood to professionals, movie set construction, homeowners, building trades, hobbyists and creative artisans.

Bring Nature’s Past into the Present

There are no limits to creativity when it comes to using old reclaimed wood. Using these old wood will invite you in and welcome you home. The warm characteristics invoke feelings of strength, endurance and a connection to the natural world. A sense of time that has long since passed.

Uncovering the characteristics of reclaimed wood from an old house, building and barn will allow you to see the colors and characteristics that will be yours to blend into your life. 

What we put into our homes, or businesses, truly speaks to us - about us - in so many ways. You can change the way you build, decorate and live with vintage wood, even if its just one piece at a time.

Other reasons to use reclaimed wood, it encourages us to respect our history and allows us to embrace the art of finding beauty in imperfection. This furthers the preservation of our environment, helping with the sustainability of our earth. We can all share in the responsibility and respect for the places we live, as well as for how we create and live in them. Using reclaimed wood today will help us all minimize the impact on the environment tomorrow. Bring an earth-friendly statement into your home.

Nothing can hold you back when you’re not holding back anything.

We look forward to helping create your dreams.

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